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Ancestry of Larry Vizenor and Teresa Reuter

Descent of Teresa Reuter from Martin Sieg

Teresa E. Reuter
b.  August 5, 1946
Married:  Larry Vizenor, January 7, 1972
Children:  Lowell T., b.1973; Tara M., b.1976; Louis F., b.1987
Parents:  Jacob Reuter and Philomena Soukup
Remarks:  Resided in ND, MN, TX, and WI
Philomena Ann Soukup
b. May 3, 1906, Sleepy Eye, MN
d. June 13, 1984
Buried:  Underwood, ND
Married:  Jacob Reuter, June 11, 1929, Garrison, ND
Children:  Francis, Sylvester, Helen, Clarence, Alfred, Mary, Teresa
Parents:  William Soukup and Ida Sieg
Remarks:  Moved from Sleepy Eye, MN, with her parents, to Garrison, ND, in 1915
Ida Grace Sieg
b. Sept. 7, 1880, Buffalo, NY
d. Dec. 15, 1951
Buried:  Garrison, ND
Married:  William Soukup, May 16, 1905, Sleepy Eye, MN
Children:  Philomena, Emil, Henry, Freda, Helen, Arthur, Eleanor
Parents:  Martin Sieg and Mary Holz
Martin Sieg
b. April 11, 1845, West Prussia
d. October 6, 1922
Buried:  Sleepy Eye, MN
Married:  Mary Holz, 1870, Buffalo, NY
Children:  Twelve Children, Ida was the sixth child
Parents:    Martin Sieg and Regine Biaro 
Remarks:  1869 immigrated to America from Prussia, settled in Buffalo, NY then moved to Sleepy Eye, MN in 1882
Mary Holz, b.April 11,1851, East Prussia
Martin Sieg
b. West Prussia
Married: Regine Biaro
Children:  Martin Sieg
Research by Frank W. Reuter
Extended History available-Mary Sieg 1845-1922

Extended Sieg Genealogy (descendants of Martin Sieg)

Teresa Reuter, 1972

Philomena Soukup, 1929
Jacob, Wm. Reuter, Freda, Philomena Soukup

Ida Sieg, 1898

Mary Holz Sieg
Photo Courtesy of Frank W. Reuter (Philomena, Ida, Mary)

Sieg's (1909) From Left, Bill Soukup, baby Henry
Catherine Sieg and Husband John Laux, Frances Sieg and Husband Joseph Kainz

The old couple are Martin and Mary Sieg.  Front row, Emil Soukup, unknown, Minnie Soukup the rest are unknown. Bill Soukup was Ida Sieg's husband

More Sieg Related Photos

Thanks LeAnn J. Soukup (Henry, Wm., John, Wenzel, Joseph) Smith for sharing the photos from Ida Sieg (Martin, Martin) Soukup's Old Red Photo Album. LeAnn is also donating pictures from her family's photo collection. 
If you have pictures of any of the ancestors listed above and would like to share, please contact us.